Friday, August 5, 2011


The hardest thing about the miscarriage for me is recuperating.  I can handle the fact that God chose to bring our baby home on His schedule and not mine.  I really can.  It is a little strange to finish a pregnancy and not have a little warm head to snuggle and kiss, but I am still so blessed with a little one to snuggle.  Grace is only 19 months and is still nursing.  I've never had a baby nurse so long - she shows no signs of wanting to give it up.  But again, I think of what a Providential thing that is.  I'm sure that Grace's nursing has helped me heal more quickly.  Just like the nursing of a newborn helps bring things back to shape.

Grace at 15 months

I did too much this past Monday.  Darin had a website launch at work and was working most of the week.  After a weekend of laying around, I felt ready to go!  So I did.  I did everything I would normally have done and by dinnertime I was feeling it.  So since Monday night I've been a slug in my bed or on the couch and I'm starting to feel the effects of that as well.  I'm ready (in MY mind) to get up and get busy, but Darin keeps gently placing his hand on my shoulders and giving me a shove back down.  ;-)  He's also keeping me supplied with Chai Tea from Starbucks - the man knows how to keep me as putty in his hands. 

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